Restaurant Week ’19|Dave & Buster’s

I don’t know that I have ever been as lazy as I was this weekend. JP was with his dad and I was in my pajamas from Friday to Monday morning. When Monday afternoon rolled around, I was ready to get out of the house!

dsc02085Lucky for me, it’s Restaurant Week in South Carolina. Lucky for the kids, Dave & Buster’s is participating.


img_3613The boys were excited when I told them we were going to spend the evening playing games. I was excited to check out the Restaurant Week menu!

img_3594This was my first trip to Dave & Buster’s and I was expecting to fill up on “bar food.” You know, burgers, fries, chicken fingers, etc. I was blown away by the menu.

img_3596I started out with the Parmesan Caesar Salad.

img_3599Clearly I had already geared myself up for a burger, but my tastebuds were not prepared for the Triple Bacon Burger.

img_3600 The most scrumptious surprise of the night was the Fire – Grilled Salmon. I did not expect them to serve Salmon. Talk about a mouth watering dish!  And the green beans… OH. MY. YUM! 

img_3604I am somewhat of a “chocolate-holic”. A chocolate chip cookie melted into a brownie is  my love language.


dsc02093Both boys loved their chicken strips and fries. I’m pretty sure they ingested the entire thing without chewing.  They were so ready to get on the game floor. Dave & Buster’s was kind enough to hook them up with a Power Card. I knew we were in for a long night.  (Dragging Preston out of bed this morning was just lovely.)






dsc02131They had a FOUR-MAN Air Hockey table! I have never seen one of these before. Don’t tell RWSC, but this was the highlight of my night and the reason I will return to this location! 


dsc02110Dave & Buster’s is the perfect spot for families.

 Please note: the RW menu caters to adults, however, they offer a regular kids’ menu and the prices are on point. 


A Little Bit of South Carolina History Here in GVL





img_3542A few weeks ago on social media, I saw a post about the new statue downtown at the Peace Center. I loved it, so I couldn’t wait to see it for myself.

dsc02049I have to admit, I forgot who Dick Riley was for a minute. Let’s face it, he was in office during a time in my life when I didn’t really care who was in office. I was a young goofy girl, don’t judge me too harshly. 

img_3559As the 111th governor of South Carolina, Riley was a big advocate for education. He initiated the Education Improvement Act which, at the time, was called “the most comprehensive educational reform measure in the US.”  That’s a big deal, ya’ll.

img_3561It’s only fitting that the sculpture would show him reading a book to two children. It’s precious and I can’t believe I’ve missed it.


img_3564Riley graduated from Furman University and went on to the University of South Carolina to obtain his law degree. In 1993 Bill Clinton approached Riley about an appointment to the United States Supreme Court, which he turned down. Later that year, he was appointed as Secretary of Education.


dsc02054Of course the statue is exceptional – it was sculpted by local artist, Zan Wells. You know, the talented hands behind Greenville’s Mice on Main. 

dsc02071Needless to say, I had fun with JP’s U.S History lesson this week. If you’ve not seen the Dick Riley statue, head downtown and check it out!


sunday w/ the swamp rabbits (& a family health update)

img_3456Preston and I spent our Sunday afternoon at the Swamp Rabbits’ game. It was like Christmas morning all over again.

img_3454They did a great job accommodating children with autism. The music was not as loud and the lights were not as bright.


img_3467For me, the highlight of the night was the Star Spangled Banner. One of the special girls who attended the game sang and it was beautiful.

img_3463Giving high fives to the team as they entered the rink…

img_3466According to Preston, hanging around “backstage” has it’s perks!


img_3476The highlight for Preston was scoring another hockey puck. Preston: “the Swamp Rabbit people are so nice!” 



img_3475Three cheers for pizza and coke in the lounge!

img_3478And finally, hugs from Stomper before we leave. Preston: “They only lost by one point! and I love coming to these games!” Thanks again, Swamp Rabbits, for hosting us and always putting a smile on this kid’s face!

Anyone else been dealing with the horrid winter virus that’s making its’ way around town? It’s now running its’ course through our house for the second time. Endless boxes of cold/sinus medication and numerous containers of Lysol wipes have become a staple in our home.

Unfortunately, mom has it. Almost two weeks post-op and she’s been stuck on the couch with a fever and cough. Thankfully, she heads back to the cardiologist tomorrow morning to check on her leads – prayers they are still in place and all is well! 

This week is all about catch up for us. Between our furry new family members, mom’s surgery and all the sickness, we are really behind with work. So if you need me, I’ll be here in front of my laptop for the next two days. Be sure to follow along in our Instagram Stories (@acbeam) Wednesday, we’ll be working in Charleston for the day!

Happy Monday!

Autism Awareness & Sensory Day w/the Greenville Swamp Rabbits

img_3354Sunday, January 6 (this Sunday) the Greenville Swamp Rabbits will celebrate Autism by creating a Sensory friendly environment for children and families across the upstate. For more details and information on the 3pm game, click HERE and read our full post.

img_3359I probably don’t have to tell you that this kid is UBER-excited!





dsc02040Most of you know, I’ve worked in special education for… well, more years than I care to share with you. The last five years of my time as a full time district employee, I worked in a room with third through fifth graders with autism. Naturally, when I learned that the Swamp Rabbits were adapting a game for these kiddos, I got excited.

Now’s the perfect time to support Greenville and the Swamp Rabbits in their inclusion efforts!


happy new year’s eve at cantina76

IMG_3297My New Year’s Eve lunch was better than yours! It’s no secret, one of my all-time favorite taco spots in Greenville is Cantina76 on Main.

IMG_3296I couldn’t wait to try their Turkey Taco (a special during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season). 

IMG_3293Oh my, it did not disappoint!

IMG_3294Of course, what’s a trip to Cantina without the Peruvian Taco?! Turkey and Shrimp go together, right? 


IMG_3286After eating our weight in queso, I was ready for a nap.

It’s always fun to introduce your favorite friends to your favorite restaurants. I was so happy to have one of my bests join me. It won’t be her last visit either, she fell in love! Thanks, again, Cantina76 for your continued generosity. You exceed my expectations every. single. time. (Let’s do it again, soon!)

Did you guys have a fun, festive New Year’s Eve? Ours was pretty WILD. I was in my pajamas by 8:30 and only stayed awake to watch the ball drop because it was big deal to Preston. Now that he’s seen it, I’m pretty sure he’ll pass next year. I believe his words were, “I didn’t even see it drop! All I saw was confetti and smoke.” I agree.

2019 is off to a rocky start in our house. 6 out of 6 of us have been (or are) sick and the pups have decided they’re not interested in sleeping at night. Oh well. If you need me, I’ll be over here trying to stay positive.

On a side (but very important) note, I would like to thank everyone who has called, text, stopped by or brought dinner to our family after mom’s surgery. I’ve been overwhelmed – in the best way – by your kindness and support. We are so blessed to have the most loving circle of friends! 


happy new year’s eve

IMG_3253Happy New Year’s Eve everybody! I hope all of you had a nice Christmas. Ours was very quiet and uneventful, which was sort of amazing.

IMG_3216Of course, the boys knew that Samson and Charlie were the main gift this year, so on Christmas morning they each got a few (very) small things and that was it. In addition to the dogs, we got Dollywood season passes again. I can’t wait to use those!

JP has been asking me for FOUR days what we are doing for New Year’s Eve <insert confused (and maybe a little annoyed) emoji face> I’ve answered him with a resounding “Nothing!” Pretty much everyone in our house has the CRUD right now. I feel like I could lay down and sleep for days. While that’s clearly not an option, I can stay home tonight. Maybe we’ll rent movies and play board games. Or bored games, as JP likes to call them. 

If nothing else, maybe they’ll fall asleep before midnight. Fingers crossed!

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE, guys! Have fun and be safe! 

Everyday Andrea|Christmas Eve

As you can see, I didn’t get a State Park post published. Our house is in TOTAL disarray. Have I mentioned our Christmas tree? Only half of it is left – the babes kept trying to eat the bottom half, so now only the top is left. The lights will probably be coming off today since we woke up to the pups pulling them across the floor. They must be trying to do their part in the “clean up” early!

We had our first extended family Christmas meal Thursday night. It was over the top fabulous. All the traditional foods and sweet fellowship. The perfect way to kick off the holiday.  Friday night we all celebrated with my dad’s family. A rowdy chinese auction with seventeen people was almost as good as the dishes everyone brought. Today we are celebrating with mom’s side of the family.

It’ll be a full day. A busy day. The house will be full of children, noise (because of the children) and lots of food. Tonight we’ll come home and crash. We’ll lay around the living room and watch every Hallmark movie that comes on, even if we’ve seen it four (or five) times. The boys will be excited to get to bed so they can wake up and open gifts in the morning. The adults will be less excited, but will enjoy seeing the joy on their faces.


IMG_3224I put the following picture on Instagram Saturday with the caption, “Seeing is believing. But sometimes the most important things in life are things we can’t see.” 

IMG_3214(Ignore the black part – I’m not sure where that’s coming from)




DSC02008I’m typing this from my living room. Preston’s beside me eating bologna, dad is reading Gamecock Central on his phone and JP is sound asleep.

I’ve said it one million times – we are far from ideal. We love one another, but none of us really want to live together. We wish our circumstances were different. However, if you ask me what I want for Christmas this year, it would be THIS. To be sitting in a house, no, a home full of love, grace, and (most days) a lot of laughter.

I am surrounded by the best gifts life has to offer. 

This week, I’m going to put my phone down and play board games with the kids. I’m going to watch movies and walk around the neighborhood with the dogs. I’m going to be present. I encourage you to do the same.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll be back Monday!